January 7, 2004

Come on O.C.!

I recognize that I havenít been writing much, but on friday my boss is going to LA, so for the next week and a half Iíll be writing everyday while Iím at work. I promise.

I realized this evening that The O.C. is starting to bore me. Itís a sad fact, but it was undeniable when I expected it to be over, checked my watch, and as dismayed to find that there was still 15 minutes left of the episode. I am so annoyed by the completely unrealistic turn theyíve taken with the character of Luke.

He started out as the very one dimensional rich asshole character, which I was fine with. He was reminiscent of the rich asshole from many a classic Ď80s film. Theyíve now decided to give him ďdepthĒ by making him have a gay dad just out of the closet and a new personality thatís all goofy and idiotic and not at all threatening. There sure is no better way to reduce the threat of a once violent bully character than to connect him to gayness. How could anyoneís personality change so drastically? Ryan and Marissa donít even feel weird about making out in front of him, itís as if having a gay dad has castrated him. He doesnít want to start fights, heís lost interest in Marissa, he canít even change a tire on his own truck. Total pansy.

The Simple Life, however, was as fabulous as ever. The girls got Arkansas boyfriends and Nicoleís purse got stolen at a bar, in retaliation she destroyed a pool table by throwing bleach all over it. That girl kicks ass.

Ps. Tonight's dinner: brussels sprouts and mock corn dogs.

Posted by on January 7, 2004 10:27 PM

omg did you hear that next week is the SEASON FINALE of the Simple Life??? Nicole is getting kicked off for the little bleach incident!! This can't be happening!!!

Posted by: Frank on January 7, 2004 11:34 PM
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