June 7, 2005

The Lady Returns

Hello. Itís me! Iím back. I know probably no one is out there because itís been so long since Iíve written, but Iím going to take this up again. I think things got a little dodgy there for a while and I didnít know what to write about.
Here is the update, things have been going very well:
1. First of all, I encourage all of you to make internet personals ads. Go on, just do it. Do it even if you already have a significant other, you may just find someone better! It will take a year of getting messages from the freakiest of freaks, but one day you will meet someone who is taller than you, says sweet things, and reads your mind just like you always wanted. I promise.
2. I moved to an awesome apartment in park slope that has a washer/dryer and a dishwasher and my rent is a devilishly low $666! The bad news is that the wheels got stolen off my bike my first week. I was foolish and I knew it would happen. There was a move between Astoria and this, but I canít go into it right now. Talking about my former landlord and the loss of my security deposit gets me very worked up. I will devote an entire entry to it when the impending lawsuit begins.
3. Iím less of a drunk.
4. At the risk of pleasing my mom Iíve embarked on the path of yoga. If you have any questions about the universe and meaning of life feel free to drop me a line!
5. My dad moved out to the middle of nowhere in Baja to live like the wacky desert recluse he was always meant to be, but still finds ways to annoy me on a weekly basis.
So, things are coming together quite nicely. I have been completely broke this month due to some slight credit card abuse, but itís been a Learning Experience. Ok, Iím going to write something really punchy and sarcastic to entertain you very soon, so watch this space.

xo The Lady

Posted by The Lady on June 7, 2005 3:04 PM

Nice to see you back online, milady. I hope you can still find it in you to be mean even with all this newfound happiness. xoxo F

Posted by: Frank on June 8, 2005 3:19 PM
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