January 9, 2004


I LOVE it when people comment on my blog. Please continue.
The sparkle fattie/ Fantasie Lady debate is very intriguing. If I may, I would like to plagerize and invade privacy by reprinting an amazing friendster message I received on this very subject from a friendster known as Barb. It was such a great message that I have it posted on my wall. It is in response to interest raised by a certain Fantasie lady who has inspired many a hotly contested debate herself.

Here it is:
"The only real attraction to ________ came when I read that she was a bitch in one of her testimonials. I think it even was mentioned a couple of times that she was a complete fucking bitch. I became excited by this idea and wanted to be near her. I don’t think you should introduce us though. Perhaps she’s not the one, but someday I will befriend a girl like her and I will discover the mysteries of the bulimic party girl, those sad and terrible mysteries, and perhaps a little witty abuse will be handed my way as well. Perhaps I like these girls because I feel absolutely no competition with them. I just am not actually offended by anything they do and find it only fascinating and amusing , especially the way they treat me which is often not very kindly, but usually hilariously funny. They are passionate in some misguided and self destructive way that I am too, but at the same time I believe they are somewhat insane because I believe them to be entirely insincere in every way which is an absolutely incredible idea. In this sense they are absolutely sincere. They explode the meaning of the idea of sincerity, the distinction just no longer exists n their presence. They just seem like aliens to me, a different species from me entirely, and who can resist the temptation to look at deformities and to lie with deformities in the sex act."

The greatest thing about this letter is that Barb somehow, accidentally sent it to a professor at her school. He was very impressed and slightly disturbed by it.

I think we can all agree that Fantasie ladies are fascinating, much of this is due to their bitchy self-centeredness. I personally feel that they are best admired from afar. As for Nicole Ritchie and the bleach incident, I like to think that as with the stolen bird house someone wrote a check for a new pool table. Jorge I want you to know we loved you as a pisser and we love you now.

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