July 27, 2005

Lady troubles

Iím in a shitty mood. Iíve always thought myself pretty immune to the side effects of birth control pills, but Iím starting to wonder if Iím over estimating myself. Lately every time Iím hit with ďthe curseĒ I find that by the evening hours Iím prone to angry outbursts, on the verge of tears, and pretty much feeling all around suicidal. For the past few months Iíve taken these reactions as the norm for most menstruating ladies, but in the light of recent conversations Iíve had about birth control Iím wondering if this is a chemically induced funk. My friend Amber suggested I switch to The Ring.

Iím sure that once the movie came out the manufacturers of this ominous sounding form of birth control were really kicking themselves, or perhaps they saw it as free advertisingówho knows how these things work. Anyway, The Ring is a new contraption. Itís a little ring that you stick up your cootch. It slowly emits hormonesóthe same as in The Pill, but in lower doses I think. After three weeks you take the thing out so you can get your period. You throw it away and after a week put in a new one.

Just when you thought birth control couldnít get freakier they come up with something like this. Well, apparently there are less side effects than with The Pill and you donít have to worry about remembering to take it everyday.

So now Iím wondering, should I switch to The Ring, despite itís weirdness, or just stick with what Iíve got? I have to admit thereís something cathartic about the outbursts, but it also kind of sucks. The thing is, getting your period sucks no matter whatóand Iím not about to start taking that drug that keeps you from getting it but once a yearótalk about fucking with nature. For now I think Iím just going to hole up in my room and wallow.

Posted by The Lady on July 27, 2005 10:30 PM

I know it sounded gross in my initial description, but there are definite perks to the diaphragm. My mood, weight, and skin is all my own--nothing hormone induced. Also, you get to carry around this pink box to keep it in, which is supposed to look like a compact from the 70s. If that's not cool I don't know what is. You can even ask your bikini waxer to model your pubes after the 70s bush, so that all of your sexual paraphernalia can match.

Posted by: amber on July 28, 2005 11:28 AM

other positives about the ring: unlike the pill (where you get the hormones all in one. . .pill) it emits a slow constant flow. so there are no up and down fluxuations.

other thing: the original pill (the one you take right now) was first designed to eliminate your period altogether. they put in the placebo week to make women feel better. but its no less fucking with nature. if you are taking birth control any period you have is pretty artifical.

that's a lot of period talk. i just wanted to tell you that i know a ton of peeps who have the ring in and they love it.

Posted by: good golly on August 2, 2005 3:33 PM
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