April 13, 2004

X-tra Protected Super Dri

I'm amazed by the relief that immediately washed over me upon returning to work. This morning I popped out of bed ready to go. It was supposed to be a nothing week, because my boss is OTB (that's Out of Town on Business, not Off Track Betting) instead it turned out to be a day of deodorant commercial caliber craziness.

I recieved a few irate calls from an big shot asshole agent, made rush photo searches for last minute books, found phone numbers to Italian hotels at 4:55pm so I could wake my boss from her slumber, all while doing my best to ignore the obnoxious raving of a semi-histerical managing editor. I must say I came through with flying colors, I was that confident and carefree extra-strength deodorant lady.

The zaniness was relief from a strange weekend. As soon as I arrived home on friday night I felt myself melt into incapacitating exhaustion and lethargy. Nothing could rouse me from it: not the long walks, not the coffee (ok, the three plates of dessert followed by 90 proof liquor were a mistake) the whole weekend I felt like my head was stuck underwater. I think I caught it from my brother, who will be in a half-dazed drugged up state for six months total. Anti-psychotics, what a bitch.

I'm just glad to be back in the city where I can distract myself by walking fast.

Posted by on April 13, 2004 11:47 PM

gee, sorry i called you at work just to chat...

Posted by: bmad on April 14, 2004 2:36 AM

I think I need a dose of whatever you had at home so I can appreciate my fabulous new york lifestyle a little more. Lately I've felt like everywhere I go, it's basically just like hanging out at Friendly's in West Lebanon, NH.

Posted by: Frank on April 14, 2004 1:08 PM
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