January 11, 2004

Surreal World

Tonight was the first episode of The Surreal World starring Tammy Fay, Ron Jeremy, Vanilla Ice, Eric Estrada from Chips, some drunk girl from The Real World Las Vegas, and a plastic Bay Watch lady. I got to watch it all on my new crystal clear stolen cable reception. It was equally as incredible as the first Surreal World starring Webster, Andrea from 90210, Corey Feldman, MC Hammer and others.

Tammy Fay is the total star of the show. She is a cute southern lady just like my former film teacher. Every time someone swore or started talking about sex she would cover her ears, yet there was nothing prudish about her, she wore skin tight acid wash jeans and pounds of make-up. Her eyelashes are cartoonishly thick. Are they false? Eyelash implants? Godís gift?

Ron Jeremy took an instant liking to her and kept flirting and commenting on her cute figure. It sounds gross, but it was sort of sweet. I expected him to go for the younger ladies, which he did, but he kept coming back to Tammy Fay. Maybe he was intrigued by her chastity.

Vanilla Ice was the most disturbing. He was incredibly angry the whole show. He kept saying how cheesy his Vanilla Ice image was and drew all over the retro picture they put up of him. Unlike The New Kids On The Block it is apparent that he hasnít reconciled with his plummeted fame. If he was smart he would realize that it was so long ago people are now into him for the irony and nostalgia factors. Tammy Fay kept assuring him that sheíd help him work through his pain. Iím hoping she will, his constant bitching could get annoying.

They showed clips from future episodes which will include guest appearances from many other third rate celebrities, lots of crying from Tammy Fay, and creepily enough, nudity.

I love that television has finally reach this point of self mockery. The only problem with The Surreal World is that it cuts into my real favorite show, Arrested Development, which is in fact the funniest show on tv. The surprising thing is that itís created by Ron Howard. When I found this out I was shocked and astounded. Just goes to show that not all child actors and stars of cheesy sitcoms will end up on the Surreal World.

Posted by on January 11, 2004 10:56 PM

i'm not positive about this, lady, but i believe tammy fae has said in interviews that she wears mascara on top of fake eyelashes, which would explain it.

Posted by: bmad on January 12, 2004 2:44 AM

did i tell you that i met TammyFay. The Eyes of Tammy Fay played at the theatre and she came to introduce it. She was really cute and her entire speech was really short. she just kept saying that midnight was too late for her. i was just thinking about how annoyed i was that i didnt get her autograph. but she did come up to me and talk for a quick minute. Ive also met Ron Jeremy. He came to the theatre and showed some porn thing. you see there is a sex shop for ladies down the street and the owner is this woman who really loves porn. it is sort of creepy. ive seen her vagina on film. once she came to a christmas party wearing a santa outfit and a dildo and kept asking people to sit on her lap. everyone just mumbled and walked away. so she organized the ron jeremy event. he grabbed her boob.

Posted by: just call me Lea on January 12, 2004 2:51 AM
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