January 1, 2004

New Years Secrets

I’ve discovered that the secret to enjoying New Years is to arrive at the part half and hour before midnight, that way there is no rising anticipation and inevitable disappointment. You walk in, get a drink and suddenly everyone is cheering.

Right after the ball dropped everyone went to the roof, we were the last to catch on and when we opened the door the fireworks were exploding right in front of our faces. Afterwards a bunch of people started singing that old New Years song that everyone sings in black and white movies. It was very classic and probably the best New Years moment ever.

Then I met a quirky gay man who instantly took a shine to me. I was rather taken aback and uncertain about what the draw could be, but he continually assured me that I am very sexy. Dave, if you’re reading this, thanks for all the lovely compliments, I’m sorry I wasn’t willing to take it to that next level.

Posted by on January 1, 2004 11:01 PM