January 4, 2004

Britney’s a Bride!

I have to admit, I’m jealous. She got hitched in Vegas on New Year’s eve. Getting hitched in Vegas is sort of my dream wedding. The groom was a childhood friend and when I read in the People article that “A source says that he and Spears were childhood friends who recently hooked up -- then hitched up. They had spent New Year's Eve together at the hotel's Rain nightclub, then retired to the suite.” I thought it actually sounded pretty romantic. I think this nutty phase she’s going through might be a good thing, maybe once she gets through it she’ll stop being Madonna’s lap dog and start being cool. I once thought she was the lamest, but now I really do think Britney has potential. There’s something about her that is actually genuine and very tragic.

On another note, this weekend I went to the Whitney with my horrible aunt and uncle. We saw the John Currin show, highlights include a nude of Bea Arthur. John Currin is one of those sexy artists who is always showing up in photosshirtless. He makes sarcastic paintings and snide comments about the vapid faces in his paintings being reflections of the people looking at them. One plus is that due to 1. the ironic nature of the paintings and 2. the porno star figures of the women Currin paints there were lots of cute indie rock boys attending the show.

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