December 11, 2003

Nicole Richie's Foul Mouth

Last night The O.C. was preempted by The Billboard Music awards. I have to admit it was almost worth it to hear Nicole Richie say "fuckin'" on live network televison. It was weird because her whole speech was completely scripted and the joke was that she has a foul mouth, but somehow they only bleeped out her first swear and then missed all the others.

The Billboard Awards is the ultimate in sarchastic awards shows. Apparently this is a new trend in the world of awards shows, because everyone knows they are boring and pointless and that there are too goddamn many of them. It was pretty shocking and somewhat appalling the way the celebrities kept hurling insults at each other. Dave Grohl and Triumph the insult comic dog went on forever about Britney Spears, which was pretty pathetic because she's an easy target and Dave Grohl is so over the hill. Not that he was that cool to begin with.

On the topic of Nicole Richie, it turns out she's way more awesome than I at first realized. In her first appearance on The Simple Life it seemed that she was just Paris' wannabe side kick, trailing after her all day trying to impress her prettier more famous friend. It turns out this is not the case. Nicole is such a badass. She is the one that always starts the mischief on the show and isn't afraid to say shocking and inappropriate things to old ladies and Sonic employees. Paris is more of a stuck up maniquin. She laughs at Nicole's hijinx and then gazes at her own reflection for half an hour. I think Nicole in part acts up to impress Paris, but it's great none the less.

Last week's episode was amazing, the entire show consisted of the manager at Sonic scolding Paris and Nicole like an exasperated babysitter. The show has absolutely no grounding in reality and this makes it all the better. You can see the looks on the girls faces when they know they have to come up with a new and more outlandish way to screw up so that the audience will laugh. It isn't always easy and I truly do appreciate their efforts.

Posted by on December 11, 2003 8:46 PM

oh man, i just found your website through google when searching for a song name..but rule.
i have been reading for like an hour now and i agree with everything you're saying and i thought that same thing too. ok that's all. i'm adding you to my sites to read daily. thanks.

Posted by: lainey on December 12, 2003 3:13 AM

i saw the sonic episode. it is the onlyt episode i have seen. i couldnt appreciate it. they just annoyed me. i was annoyed that i felt the way i was supposed to. that they are snobby pants that never have to work and only pull these pranks because they can. if they did need the job, but didnt want to sell themselves to the awful fast food chain and then pulled the pranks and then were dealt with like anyone else would be, but still gave a consistant F you. that might be more interesting. i dont like the dumb act either. "checks, but what do we do with these?" i like lady's original idea of the smart fiery brunette coming on the show and maybe occasionally tripping them in those high heels. or just a good dose of the wiity sarchasm. it really needs this. if there is a simple life 2, they should be let in on this brilliant idea.

Posted by: Buckle FB 123 on December 14, 2003 7:36 PM

Hi I think nicole richie is hot and she does have a foul mouth like me i use Fuck all the time and im only 16 my b-day is in 9 days 7-14-88 lata

Posted by: Aaron Page on July 5, 2004 4:24 PM
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