December 9, 2003

Dana The Jewish Christmas Elf

This weekend, in addition to ABC, I went to Macy's. I had to go see the Christmas window displays built by the ever amazing Dana. The windows contain scenes from A Christmas Story complete with moving dummies and the soundtrack from the movie. All the major scenes are there, the dad with his sexy woman leg lamp, the kid with his tongue stuck to the flagpole. I have to admit, my one disappointment came from the fact that when Dana described the windows to me I imagined lifesize manaquins of the characters, rather than mini diorama type displays. Life size dummies would have been so intensely creepy. Still, the displays had a nice level of creepiness.

Both the inside and outide of Macy's was a total mob scene and the tourists were out in full force. I forged onward anyway. This may sound materialistic and shallow, but riding on those wooden escalators, gazing up at the pine trim and ornaments, I was struck by the Christmas spirit. I'd kind of come to assume I was immune to it, but then there it was and still is.

I've been wanting a little Christmas tree. I keep seeing them on the street near my work. Today I started thinking hard about those little trees. The notion of making little ornaments and decorating one, it strikes me as the coziest thing in the world. I've really been wanting one of those little trees, I've been planning it, and thinking it, and saying to myself that I'm going to get one, then I walk right past. I do this with lots of things and I think it's why I've never been good at sports.

Posted by on December 9, 2003 10:03 PM

I think you should get a little Christmas tree and carry it up and down the wooden escalators at Macy's wearing something Christmasy like a Santa Hat. Maybe they would give you a free Garfield(TM) Christmas ornament!

Posted by: Frank on December 10, 2003 1:34 AM

Maragaret, you've offended me. So what if Dana is jewish, and so what if Dana chooses to alter scales?!?! She has every goddamn right to make miniature dioramas instead of your STUPID idea for life-size manequins. Goddamn your hellish thoughts, goddamn them!!!

Posted by: Jason on December 12, 2003 3:29 PM
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