April 6, 2004


My Uncle from Louisiana is visiting. Heís so polite with his soft southern lilt that I canít hold a thing against him, even voting Republican in a swing state. Heís got this way of being humbly stubborn--itís apparent that thereís no point in arguing, although my dad spent the day trying anyhow.

Heís the youngest of 8 and my dadís the oldest. Fifteen years apart, but they look strikingly similar, particularly because they share mannerisms. With so many brothers and such an age difference they hardly know each other, but they are perfectly in sync. Never before have I realized that blood is so binding. It makes me wonder about my long lost half brother. Iíd always been nervous about the very notion of him, for some reason just assuming that heís probably a psychopath or an asshole. Maybe he isnít, maybe he has got a whole brood of kids who walk and talk and think just like me. It might be worth knowing about. Then again he could be a psychopath or an asshole.

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