March 8, 2004

Steak Diana

Last night I ate my first steak since high school. It was called Steak Diana. It was an inch and a half thick and took up it's own plate. It was the polar opposite to every meal I've eaten in the past eight years. From the first bite is was like being reaquainted with an old friend. I hadn't forgotten the taste and I devoured it. Not that I was a huge meat eater before, it's just that steak was the one type of meat I missed when I first went veg. I still have no interest in pork. The very thought of that pink fatty meat grosses me out. I think I could see myself enjoying a steak once in a blue moon.

The dinner was a celebration for Asher McShoe. Janine and I dressed to the nines. I wore my off-white lace dress with rhinestones dotting the edge of the collar, I piled all my hair on top of my head in a big beehive, put on pearls and my sparkly gold heels. Janine barrowed my candy apple-red dress with the full skirt, plunging neckline and gigantic rhinestone belt (I love rhinestones, theyíre a girlís second best friend), she wore red patent leather heels and a red bow that perfectly offset her black hair. We drank tons of red wine, gigantic ice cream pie desserts, and chocolate mousse for Janine. I was sure to offend all the other diners with lots of flash photography, because I live to stomp on the tranquility of others.

Afterwards Asher and I went to her friend Connieís house where they gave us Danish liquor made of rye seeds. Connie and her roommate put on fancy dresses like mine and then Connie pulled out a white satin dress with silver embroidery for me to try on. It fit like a glove and she said, ďitís yours.Ē Eventually Asher and I caught a cab back to my apartment. We sat in the living room and chatted until 2:30 am, when I remembered that I had work in the morning. It was the greatest night.

Asher McShoe just left to go back to the windy city and I have to admit Iím crying inside. Itís weird how missing someone can make you act boring and uninterested when theyíre still around. Tonight we were all tired and quiet. Asher made a storyboard like review of the trip on flashcards. I think itís a great idea. Suddenly all the funny little moments were captured, as if someone had taken snapshots of all the best parts. The nice thing about it is that it isnít too daunting of a task for a weary traveler and it makes the memories last a lifetime.

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