March 27, 2004

Auspicious April

Tonight I discovered that the Olsen Twins are selling fragrances. One for the each of them. Ashley smells like piss, but Mary-Kate I'd buy. It's like jacked up lilacs. I love that Eckard is opened 24 hours, when it's warm out, like now, it makes my night to stumble over there twice in a row for emergency candy and make-up yearnings. It's so easy to spend upwards of $20 on such items as lotion, ice cream, chocolate, and nail polish.

Today I decided that I'm head over heels in love with my boss. She bought us all daffodils today. April will be a magical month when we get raises and we all going on a road trip to meet sales reps. We get lunch too! It sounds like fucking heaven compared to sitting in my dark little cubicle. I was thinking today about how long it's going to take me to get my own office with window. Amazingly a year has already passed. I can't really see it happening anytime soon. The end of next year? I wonder if I'll get lonely in there when the day does come.

Tonight I watched the show Playing it Straight, where a group of guys, some straight some gay compete to get a girl fall in love with them. If the girl falls in love with a gay he gets $1 million for being a skilled tricker, if he's straight he gets $1/2 million. It was pretty off the wall, mostly because it took place at a dude ranch. I think the show would be way better if it was a gay guy guessing which guy was gay and the guys would get $1million if they tricked him into thinking they were straight. The guys would all act macho and standoffish to the extreme, it would be very amusing.

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