February 13, 2004

Risky Business

Watching the O.C. on Wednesday I was feeling my usual distain for Marissa. Once again she'd gotten herself into a ridiculously threating situation and Ryan had to run in at the last moment and rescue her. This time she was being courted by a psycho coke-head named Oliver. "When will that girl ever learn?" I thought to myself.

Really I had to laugh last night when I found that I was living my own version of the show. I couldn't help sypathizing with Marissa. What is it about psycho coke-heads that is so damn sexy? They really are practically irresistible, especially when high--all that mindless chit-chat and enthusiasm. It really seems like they are just plain thrilled to be talking to you and if they're cute it's not like it really matters what their saying anyway.

Taking into consideration my own experience I re-assessed Marissa's. Now, the angle the show took was that innocent Marrissa had no clue that there was anything wrong with Oliver, "he's just friendly! He's so nice!" she insisted. I beg to differ. I think Marissa knew all along that there was something not quite right about her little friend, I think that she was also perfectly aware that all he really wanted was to get in her pants, but she of course couldn't tell this to Ryan. She was forced to play dumb, hoping that he might hold off on shooting himself at least until after they got to make out for a little while.

It's that element of risk, I tell you, such a turn on.

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