January 20, 2004

Top Horror Movies

Hand That Rocks The Cradle: This film made my 6th grade birthday party.

Satanís Cheerleaders

I found this video at the local thrift store. It is from the very early 80ís and is extremely low budget. It is about a squad of super dumb, slutty cheerleaders who are kidnapped by satan worshippers. Surprisingly the body count in this film is very low. The surprise ending, however, makes it all worthwhile.

Nightmare on Elms Street 1
Most people donít realize that the first of this series stars a very young Johnny Depp. There are many scenes that take place at the high school, something which always entertains me.

Friday The 13th
: Kevin Bacon gets stabbed through a matress while m.o.ing with a girl.

The few admirable favorites:
The Shining
RoseMaryís Baby

I recently saw a show about Patty Hearst: one of my favorite cultural phenomenon. It got me wondering, why didn't we ever try something like this at Sarah Lawrence? There were plenty of rich girls just dying to be martyrs for such a cause and everyone loved the rightous psudo-politcal stuff. I think that people just aren't as nuts as they used to be. Everyone is too jaded and unwilling to go out on a limb. Plus most SLC students would probably be too scared to handle firearms.

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