January 17, 2004

Arts Such As Crafts

First I would like to announce that there will be a gigantic game of freeze tag on Wall Street Sunday January 25th at 3pm. Suits, ties, and briefcases are optional, but encouraged. There will be hot apple cider while it lasts. Jan 25 is supposed to be a little warmer than right now, so it wonít be actual freeze tag.

Last night I went to some Gallery openings in Brooklyn. There was one place that had a bunch of art made out of crafts materials. All the old supplies from childhood art projects and the funny knick knacks at Grandmaís house.

There was a thing on the ceiling that looked like a huge beeís hive with bees peeling off it and sitting on the surrounding walls and ceiling. It was made out of multicolored pipe cleaners and those little plastic beads that are shaped sort of like jacks and stack on top of each other to make around tube shape. Just seeing those beads brought a rush of nostalgia. Iíd forgotten all about those little beads and there was something weirdly comforting about being reminded of them.

The most amazing thing was a life size horse that was lying on a rug in the center of the room. Itís fur was all latchhooked yarn. Itís body was in the perfect shape of a horse. Like all good crafts it was an interesting mix of skillful workmanship and tackiness. There were also crocheted pillows with matchbook cars set on them and cases containing butterfly specimens, but the butterflies were the kind made from pipecleaners, netting, wire, and glitter. I remember these from a childhood birthday party, I thought they were the most beautiful thing in the world. My friend had a birthday party with the theme of Madam Butterfly, everyone got a fake butterfly for her hair and a little homemade kimono. In the second room the theme was birds. There were pictures of birds taken from an old fieldguide and the artist had drawn over them, giving the birds sandals and strange outfits and things. The drawings blended into the original pictures so well that at first I thought the artist had drawn the whole thing. It was all a part of this gallery opening thing that happens in Williamsburg every third Friday of the month. I think Iíll go every month.

Posted by on January 17, 2004 2:58 PM

your entry makes me want to do crafts until the sun comes up. remembering those beads made me feel tingle happy for a second also. which is funny because i think when i was young i sort of thought they were ugly. but only when they were by themselves. all stacked into a nice bracelet was fantastic.

Posted by: Lea on January 17, 2004 5:33 PM
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